2023 Year End Update

Dec 25, 2023

2023 Year End Update

Over the last several months I’ve been helping Tamika as she writes each of these posts, to share her updates and the real-life struggle of fighting cancer for the second time. I’ve been an arm-chair editor, literally sitting beside her, typing as she dictates and formulates her thoughts to put them out there for you.

But today I’m jumping in to provide an update on her cancer fight before the new year 🙂

The Latest Scan
Ok, good new first. Tamika had a full body scan a couple weeks ago and it was totally clear! Her oncologist messaged us after-hours with the good news (because he’s rad like that) and I seriously breathed this deep sigh of relief. Sure, we had blood tests showing the dropping markers, and great surgery results, but even last time there was a weight that lifted when we got that final clear scan result! 😁

It’s Not All Sunshine
I know Tamika had already shared about the ongoing treatments over the next two years. Let me just share from the view of someone watching the journey, this treatment sucks! Bleeding gums, bloody noses, high blood pressure, constant nausea, I seriously can’t wait for this to get better. And it is getting better…but slowly. Please pray for Tamika, that her body would adapt quickly and she would no longer have all these side effects 🙏

Sick for Christmas
This is not how we imagined ending the year. We wanted to get away, relax by a fire and watch the snow fall. Forget about all the stuff for a moment and reconnect with our kids. But both Tamika and I are sick with head colds. 🤧

Regardless, Colorado is stunning covered in white. And even being sick, spending time with our kids is a gift. ♥️

So there it is, one final update before the new year.

To all those who hold us up in prayer;
To those who message encouraging words;
To the ones who call just to check in;
To the many that brought meals & sent gifts;
And to each of you who take the time to read this;

With all of my heart, Thank You!