Calling All Doctors

May 1, 2023

This morning William reached out to my old surgeon and my primary doctor. We were just trying to get some answers and a plan put together. My surgeon called him back right away and encouraged us to get more tests before jumping to ‘cancer’. My primary doctor called back and scheduled to see me first thing that morning.

My primary doctor reviewed everything the hospital had done and agreed that we needed to get my oncologist involved. She also scheduled me for a mammogram (it had been too long since my last one) and she had one of her assistants call every hospital to get me the first appointment available for paracentesis.

We also called the oncologist office who treated me before. My oncologist is now part of UCLA, and when William called, he was told that the doctor was no longer talking to patients and that I would have to get a referral. William insisted that we leave him a message and the receptionist finally agreed. My primary doctor also texted him right after seeing me and within a couple of hours his nurse called me to schedule an appointment!

At some point we also reached out to a Gynecologist/Oncologist specialist surgeon. He was recommended by the ER doctor and a quick google search confirmed he was one of the best doctors in his field.

It felt like all this was happening so quickly, but at this point I still don’t know what ‘this’ really is. Do I have cancer or just a tumor?