Chemo Round 5

Oct 2, 2023

For those of you who are going through this process, I post the vulnerable stuff for you so you have an idea of what this journey might be for you.  Everyone’s journey looks a little different, but I hope to encourage you. 🙂

Chemo Round 5

Hello Family and Friends,

I meant to post earlier about round 5 of Chemo but once again this was a different Chemo and I was exhausted mentally and physically. There were some new side effects but some of them didn’t show up until the last week before my next Chemo. I once again post for those of you who have asked to be updated. 🙂 

There is a common thing I’ve seen in both of my cancer journeys. Friends or people you may know tend to pull away or will let you know that they are tired of hearing about you feeling unwell all the time.  Have grace for them.  One thing I have learned is that we are all going through our own stuff. I do ask how they are doing and how I can pray for them and the typical response is “You shouldn’t be praying for me I should be praying for you.”  Honestly, it’s just who I am.  I will listen and my heart is to pray for those around me.  

The other side is you will have those who will walk this journey with you until the end.  For that I thank you and I appreciate your faithfulness.  I know it is not easy and mostly for my Husband thank you for staying by my side.  🙂 

I appreciate the honesty of the ones that stick around and those that don’t.  It’s ok. 🙂

Now to share about Chemo 5

I started a new drug Called Avastin.  The infusion for just that drug was 90 minutes. 

I want to share more specifically what this Chemo was like. I still had the other side effects from previous rounds, but this round I was exhausted most of the time (more than normal), I was more restless at night and the sweating was worse. Sleeping was more of a miss than a hit. I probably get two good hours of sleep each night. When I blow my nose it bleeds, and the new drug elevates my blood pressure so we have to test it every day. To top it all off, the last week before my next Chemo my gums started swelling, forming puss pockets/blisters. Just closing my mouth was difficult and eating/drinking became a challenge for a few days, so that was fun. I may have cried a few times when it got really bad, and I may have taken one Norco. But it’s getting better. So that makes me happy. 🙂 

Oh, I had my final Checkup with my Surgeons PA and I got the all clear to resume normal activities. I am very happy to not have any more restrictions!! 

With all of that said, I was holding on to some good news because I wanted to wait until Chemo 6 to share it with you all. But My Cancer markers for Chemo 5 were down to 23! This is the normal range! Praise God! I know that there is a light through all of this and even for the next two years in my journey. God has been faithful in helping through all of this Chemo stuff. I have a beautiful amount of people who are praying for me, thank you! And for those that don’t believe, thank you for sending me encouraging words. I have been blessed with some amazing and knowledgeable Doctors. So I am blessed. 🙂 

Again, thank you all for everything! Love to you all,