Chemo Round 6

Oct 22, 2023

It seems so long ago, but it’s only been 4 weeks. I’ve started the ‘next phase’ of treatment, but before I write about that, I want to give you an update on: Chemo Round 6, the last of my ‘hard’ chemo treatments.

Chemo Round 6

I don’t even know where to start. With the first few rounds I felt like I was bouncing back about a week before the next treatment. But these last few have been so weird, and not a good weird. They seem to have progressively gotten worse. Round 6 was no exception. The first couple of days were ok and I got all my ‘normal’ symptoms. I did get some more swelling and mouth pain with this treatment. The neuropathy was much worse, making it difficult to walk around or write. I had to have my husband fill out addresses on cards for me, I just couldn’t do it!

The week I’m normally ‘bouncing back’ didn’t happen. Physically I just had way more bad days than good days. My doctor put me on an antiviral to help with the mouth sores and I think that added to the overall funky feeling. Even now (4 weeks later) I’m still dealing with some of the funky, but I know it will pass and I’m just trying to be productive on the days I am feeling well 🙂

Getting Real Real

In my last post I shared that the surgeon gave me the all clear to resume ‘all’ activities…but that didn’t last long 🙁 I had to call & schedule to see the PA again after some activity caused me to start bleeding. Only a little, but enough to cause my husband to be concerned. He also discovered something sharp…not exactly the thing you want to discover. Yes, I’m trying to keep it vague enough, but also share because I’m sure this could happen to anyone who goes through this.

It turns out the sutures are barbed and one of them was exposed internally because my body isn’t healing as quickly as it would normally. I had a good laugh with my PA about having a killer vagina. Yep, I said it and she cracked up. 🙂 I also felt bad for my husband, that must have been painful. So no activity for a while, my body is still healing.

Just another thing I have to joke and laugh about, because this stuff can be traumatizing (seriously, my husband was traumatized).

This has been a strange year. I’m happy to be done with this chapter of the journey. I’m not done with treatments but I’m done with chemo. Hopefully I’ll feel like celebrating that in the near future, but it’s difficult to celebrate when I don’t feel well. I’m thankful that I have God in my life, and for all of you who have been praying for me and my family. And I’m really thankful that my daughter and son both took turns to hang out with me during my final chemo rounds.

I love you all!

P.S. I don’t have to take the Fulphila shot any more! YAY!!!

P.P.S. One of the nurses continues to draw a new one of these cartoons every time I show up for treatment. Here is he one he made for Round 6.