Meeting With The Oncologist

May 10, 2023

It feels like all of this took forever, but in reality, this has moved so quickly compared to what so many people experience. On Wednesday the 10th I finally got to see my oncologist.

They took my weight and I noticed that it was climbing again. Will and I were both concerned that I was filling up with fluid again and would have to ask the oncologist about this.

When my Oncologist first walked in he gave me a big hug and we had a laugh about how we weren’t supposed to be seeing each other again.

He reviewed our test results and took my vitals, and we sat down to talk through it all. He told me that he was very confident that I had stage 3 ovarian cancer, and this was causing my abdomen to fill with fluid. He wanted one additional test to verify, but he was certain enough to walk us through the treatment plan and the details of what it would look like.

He recommended a fast track to start 6 rounds of targeted chemo with surgery after the 3rd or 4th treatment for a full hysterectomy and removal of the tumor.

Before we left I had more blood taken for a CA125 test. I was also told I would need a weekly ‘tap’ (paracentesis) of my abdomen to drain the fluid as it would continue to build up until maybe my 2nd chemo treatment.

We left feeling like we finally had some answers and a plan. I feel like I’m in good hands.