Radioactive For A Day

Jul 16, 2023

I had to keep my distance from my own kids (and everyone else) for a day after getting injected with a radioactive solution. No hugs from the kids, but William still hugged me 🙂

A PET scan is a strange thing. You walk into a room full of signs warning you that everything is radioactive. And then you’re injected with the very material they are warning you about! They pull the material out of what looks like a lead case. And then they tell you that you’re going to be radioactive for a day and to stay away 4 feet away from basically everyone. My husband did not follow these rules 🙂

While I waited for the radioactive material to make its way through my body before the scan, William was able to sit outside my door so that we could talk. They opened the door just a little giving him a view of my feet. Apparently, this door is going to save him from exposure to the radiation now flowing though my veins. I’ve done this all before. Twice nearly 9 years ago while fighting breast cancer. They never let William anywhere past the lobby last time. It was nice having him with me this time.

They even let him hang out in the scanner room for almost the entire scan. Yep, that photo is really me.

It only took a couple days to get the results. They scanned from my head to my legs to make sure there was no cancer anywhere else. The scan shows that the tumor is responding to treatment and has shrunk from over 13cm to just 7cm and there was no evidence that it is spreading to other parts of my body. It was great to get this news 🙂

We’re getting details for my surgery date soon, updates to follow 🙂