Avastin Infusions Begin

Oct 22, 2023

These technically started a couple of rounds ago when they were added to my chemo regimen, but this is the start of the ‘solo’ infusions. I’ll be doing this for the next year, every 3 weeks.

Avastin Infusions Begin

I’ve been experiencing very high blood pressure since starting the Avastin (Bevacizumab) treatments. Normally (pre chemo and even during chemo) my BP was in the normal range, but it’s been all over the place for the last 6 weeks.

Wednesday, October 18th, I went in for the first solo treatment. My BP was 177/98 when I went in for my pre-infusion appointment. It took nearly an hour for it to drop to a safe level before they would start the infusion. I just had to sit in the chair and get tested repeatedly until it was under 160/90. I finally put on some Samuel Lane worship and it calmed me down.

These infusions are only supposed to be 30 minutes, but with the ‘wait’ time and a bag of saline before the treatment I was there for nearly 3 hours. It’s short compared to the chemo rounds, but I was looking forward to only 30 minutes. Maybe next time 😉

I’m getting bloody noses more often. This is apparently common with this drug. And the most recent thing is bleeding gums. Yay me! I’m not sure if this is from the Avastin or the BP meds. Please pray that these symptoms would go away!

BP Meds

I did not want to take another pill. We’ve been monitoring my BP at home and it has ranged from 120/90 to 167/97. A couple of times when it’s been 160+ I’ve felt nauseous and dizzy with some increased frequency of headaches. My doctor put me on a blood pressure medication to help, and so far it seems to be improving the blood pressure numbers, but it also has it’s own side effects. It’s a low dose (2.5mg) of Amlodipine once a day.

LYNPARZA – Coming soon to my list of pills 🙁

My doctor discussed the possible side effects of this new drug during my last visit (last week). I’ll be starting this in a couple weeks with a 1/2 dose to begin and ramping up over a few weeks to the full 4 pills a day. Apparently it’s likely to cause nausea for the first few weeks. Hopefully my body adapts quickly 🙂 There are other side effects, but don’t read them…it’s scary!

Thank you for your continued prayers 🙂

With Love,