Chemo Round 4

Sep 3, 2023

This past week I finally started feeling human again (insert Disney musical here). I’ve taken advantage of the time, taking walks and hanging out with friends and family. I’ve had a few friends come visit and it’s been great to get out of the house and do something normal 🙂

Chemo Round 4

This chemo was rough. This round came with new side effects, and I felt like crap for 10 days (longer than “normal”) this time. From the moment I sat in the chemo chair I was extra nauseous and just felt bad overall. It was a constant battle for 7 days to keep on top of the pain and nausea. At times I felt like I was standing outside of heavens gates just knocking and asking to be let in. On top of the chemo, there was a heat wave and we had been keeping the house closed to try to keep it cool. After a few days in a dark house, I realized I was getting depressed, so I moved my comfy chair to our dining room window and told everyone we were keeping it open. I didn’t tell anyone I was feeling depressed, but having the sunshine on my face along with the constant encouraging messages from people helped get my mind out of the funk I was in 🙂

After I started feeling better, I decided to take advantage of the wig program through the local cancer resource center. Will and Julia took me to a wig shop to try on wigs and it was a strange experience going into it. As I tried on several different wigs, I realized I had been walking around always aware of how I looked, aware of the looks from others, and internally shrinking back. I hadn’t been as confident as I thought I was, and I didn’t realize how much of an effect it would have on me to see myself with hair again. But having this experience has changed how I perceive myself and I am walking in confidence, with or without a wig 🙂

Treatment Update

My oncologist is amazed at how well my body is responding to everything! I hadn’t seen him since 3 weeks before surgery, so he checked out my scars and he was very happy with how I’m healing 🙂 We discussed the upcoming treatments and the schedule for the future.

I have two ‘hard chemo rounds left and they are adding a new drug (Avastin) that I have to continue with every 3 weeks for a year. So while the side effects of the gnarly chemo drugs should end, I still have ongoing infusions for another year. I also get to start taking pills twice a day for the next two years. Yay me! But the good news is that studies show these two drugs work very well for my type of cancer 🙂

Through all of this I know that there is an end in sight and God is taking care of me.

Thank you all for your love and prayers,

PS. Thank you to everyone who has sent cards, messaged me and donated money, it is amazing to feel so loved and supported 🙂

PPS. A special Thank You to Kris who comes over and rubs my feet while I am in pain.

New side effects:

  • Lost my vision for about 15 minutes and all I could see was shapes (this is news to my husband as we’re writing this).
  • My mouth and stomach and right side (hand, leg, foot) felt numb-ish and tingly-ish (not sure how to explain the feeling exactly).
  • Lost the ability to feel hot/cold in my mouth.
  • The bone pain lasted 2 weeks in my back and pelvis.
  • Headaches.


P.S. Thank you Julia Rose for hanging out with me during this Chemo. I don’t have a photo of us during the infusion, but here is one of us hanging out a week later 😉